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The application for the 2017 MITES/E2/MOSTEC programs is now closed. The OEOP is not accepting late applications.

Decisions were released on April 15. Please log in to check your admissions status.

Upon acceptance, students should email if they have concerns about program dates conflicting with school obligations.

2017 Application Timeline:
The application is due by: February 1, 2017 at 7:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
Recommendations must be received by: February 15 at 7:59 PM Eastern Standard Time

To learn more about the application process, use the following resources:
2016 OEOP Application Webinar  (Please note: Application deadlines and some details of the application process may have changed)

Our national outreach programs empower talented students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to pursue careers in technical fields.

Who can apply?
Students apply in the fall semester of their junior year in high school for the upcoming summer programs. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents to apply.

By submitting just one application, you are automatically considered for one of the national programs. You cannot choose to apply to one particular program. 
Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES)
June 10-July 21, 2017
This intense six-week program immerses students in life at MIT through math and science courses, a challenging hands-on elective course, workshops, guest speakers, and social events.
Learn more about  MITES.

Engineering Experience at MIT (E2@MIT) 
July 23-July 30, 2017
In this one-week program, students take one of six intensive project-based courses, participate in admissions and financial aid sessions, and participate in lab tours and social events. Learn more about  E2.

MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community (MOSTEC)
On-Campus Conference: August 1-August 5, 2017
Projected MOSTEC Dates: June 28, 2017-January 13, 2018

From June through January, students in this online program discuss research, receive admissions and financial aid advice, and attend webinars. They also complete online science and engineering projects that they present during a five-day conference on MIT’s campus. Learn more about  MOSTEC.

It's FREE!
Program costs are generously covered by our funders. Students only pay for transportation to and from MIT.


Jump start your future in science and engineering at MIT!